Good News – Why Aren’t We Interested?

Unskillful and tragic things occur. Tragedy cannot be denied, and there is a massive outlet of publication in that realm. Skillful and good things occur. Why aren’t we interested? Maybe it’s because good news is published in a format that seems like an escape or avoidance of what matters.

The non-greed / non-hatred method focuses on the moment greed or hatred arises is a key to making good news interesting. The “good news” is that awareness of greed or hatred as it arises allows us to work with it, understand it, and reduce our suffering by not becoming oppressed by it.

This method brings awareness to greed and hatred, and emphasizes moments wherein non-greed and non-hatred are engaged instead. Good news methods focus on the skillful moments within the story line, and remind readers to focus on skillful actions in the present moment on a personal level.

If I don’t notice greed as it arises in me, then I become greedy in that moment, and greed consumes me. For example, if I see a chocolate croissant that is not mine, the inclination to take it may arise. If I am aware of this inclination, I can remind myself that it is not skillful to take what is not given. If I ignore the inclination, I may remind myself that no one is watching so give me what I want!

Another benefit of bringing awareness to greed or hatred as it arises in each one of us is that this pinpoints the moment when we still have a choice to act on these impulses or not. If we can admit that these impulses are a natural part of the human physiology, then we can see that the choice is not whether or not we have these sensations, but rather how we relate to these sensations as they occur. We have all experienced the thought, “I’m not angry!” And we all know that we are usually angry when we say this. It helps to consider the idea, “There is anger. Anger has arisen and may persist, but it will pass as all things pass, and we need not necessarily fall under its dominion.”

Questions and answers:

Q: Why aren’t we interested in good news?
A: It’s not entertaining.

Q: How can we create positive news that sparks interest in the reader?
A: Focus on the exact moment greed or hatred is acknowledged and let go of.

What is the Basic Requirement For Project Management Software?

I have found the list of so many project management softwares in the market. Every project software company claims to be providing a number of services. But few of them cater to basic needs of the project managers, individual or company. What are these basic needs? Let’s discusses few of them.

o Simpler than Simplest: Project management System interface should be incredibly simple and interactive, with most of the users will able to quickly master it. You can easily manage multiple projects, add tasks, create milestones, share files, quickly search and easily communicate through secure and safe environment. You do not need to study books or tutorial to learn the same. It should be self interactive and have small learning curve.

o Fit in your Budget: Online project business management service fits in everyone pocket. There are many more alternatives offered in the market, but service or plans are created for all-sized businesses, whether they need a low volume or a high volume of users or storage space. Even individuals or freelancers also like to manage or organize their project through project management software.

o Effective Communication: Project management software makes it easy for all project managers or team members and even clients to stay connected and share information for effective collaboration, performance and response. Project Management tools are very useful in updating team about new happenings. All team including clients are aware about latest updates regarding products.

o Based on Customers’ requirements: Most of the features that have been added in Project Business Management Software should be requested by customers or project managers. Customer satisfaction is imperative; only those services and software remain in market which fulfills all project managers’ requirements.

o Online Service: No company wants to have desktop application software. Everyone likes to have online services. There are lot many companies like insurance, financial groups, courier, IT firms, e-learning centers, outsourcing firms and many more where team work from remote locations also. So Web Based Online Project Management Software is more popular then desktop application. Where you can have your accounts in few minutes?

Although list of requirement can be much longer then this but I think these are the very basic requirement of any project manager or company who want to use project business management software or services. What do ou think? What is your requirement for a project management system?

How To Start A Profitable Business Online And Succeed

Starting a profitable online business isn’t all that different from starting a successful business in the brick and mortar world. However, if you are going to make the most of your time as an online business professional, then you really need to have the tools necessary for accelerating the growth of your business and for looking prepared to face the challenges of the 21st Century. Online businesses may not need an office or a huge stack of business cards, but they do need some tools if they are going to look like they are not “out of place.” Progressive image leads to progressive sales, and there are very few ways of getting the tools you need at an affordable rate.

But just what are these “tools you need” this article keeps referring to? Basically, anything that makes you look as though you belong online. For starters, that could be something like video media to better market your product and bridge the gap between what a customer knows coming in, and what he takes with him going out. But in order to put together a quality video presentation, you need to be able to find a number of people and equipment, which can end up costing you a small fortune. Cameras. Actors. Directors of photography.

Through auto responders and lead capture pages, such tools allow businesses to maintain a 24-hour customer facing unit of their business without actually doing all the work oneself or having to hire a flesh and blood employee to do it. Craft messages that communicate basic information to your employees. Capture leads to help you follow up and grow your business at an exponential rate. Not every buyer acts the first time they visit your site and the lead capture alone is enough to make you want to sign up for this service.

If you want to know how to start a profitable business online, then the rules don’t change much. Find a great product or service to sell, and then go about finding your target audience to market to. But if you want to succeed at this venture, then you need to step your game up a notch and get with the 21st Century. Purchase the tools that you need to maximize your business’s efficiency and give it its best look for the outside world. Virtual autopilot solutions can help you do all of the above, and take your business to the next level, confidently and securely.

The Value of Lifestyle Funds for Safe Investing

Lifestyle funds or ETFs have been in the forefront in recent years. For some people they have definite value.

The concept behind retirement investing with lifestyle funds is that the fund manager does the work for you to allocate your money. The allocation is based on when you expect to retire.

The principles of the lifestyle funds are based on the age old concept of diversification and allocation of your investments according to your age. This philosophy basically revolves around the concept that when you are young you can take more risks with your money than when you are older.

There are a number of ways this allocation can work, but here are a few simple examples:

For 20 -35 year olds:


  • US stocks – 60%
  • Foreign stocks – 20%
  • Bonds – 20%

For 40 – 50 year olds:


  • US stocks – 50%
  • Foreign stocks – 20%
  • Bonds – 30%

For 50 – 65 year olds:


  • US stocks – 40%
  • Foreign stocks – 15%
  • Bonds – 45%

For 66+ years of age:


  • US stocks – 20%
  • Foreign stocks – 10%
  • Bonds – 70%

As you can see from the progression when the allocation changes the money manager puts your money into more stable and conservative choices. These choices are less risky. Even the choices of stocks become more stable, for example from stocks with high gain potential to stocks with some gain potential but ones that also issue dividends.

Lifestyle funds or etfs are offer by different brokers and families with the funds having names designating when they expire or your retire, for example


  • Lifestyle 2020
  • Lifestyle 2025
  • Lifestyle 2030

Like any other stock or mutual fund choosing a lifestyle fund (ETF) requires a bit of research. Check out the performance for not just the last year but for a number of years. But check not just the fund for the year based on your projected retirement but also some of the earlier years or even later years. This will give you an idea of how the manager does in producing performance at different times.

And of course you want to compare a few different lifestyle families.

A different use of Lifestyle funds is to use them based on your own objectives, whether they be aggressive or conservative. This concept is based on the philosophy that is going to diversify your money in a manner that works with your risk level and concept of safe investing.

For example, if you want to be an aggressive investor, but don’t want to be watching the market all the time, you could invest in a Lifestyle fund based upon many years until retirement – i.e. 2050 – and every five years switch again to an ETF that is the most years away.

On the other hand if you want to play it super conservative you would pick a Lifestyle investment that is only five years away, something like 2015 or 2020.

If Lifestyle funds or ETFs interest you and you are not sure which ones to choose, you can still use an investment software program to help select and then monitor the performance. In this way you can easily compare one to another and be sure you are in the right one that meets your safe profitable investing objectives and that will produce the retire account you desire.