Good News – Why Aren’t We Interested?

Unskillful and tragic things occur. Tragedy cannot be denied, and there is a massive outlet of publication in that realm. Skillful and good things occur. Why aren’t we interested? Maybe it’s because good news is published in a format that seems like an escape or avoidance of what matters.

The non-greed / non-hatred method focuses on the moment greed or hatred arises is a key to making good news interesting. The “good news” is that awareness of greed or hatred as it arises allows us to work with it, understand it, and reduce our suffering by not becoming oppressed by it.

This method brings awareness to greed and hatred, and emphasizes moments wherein non-greed and non-hatred are engaged instead. Good news methods focus on the skillful moments within the story line, and remind readers to focus on skillful actions in the present moment on a personal level.

If I don’t notice greed as it arises in me, then I become greedy in that moment, and greed consumes me. For example, if I see a chocolate croissant that is not mine, the inclination to take it may arise. If I am aware of this inclination, I can remind myself that it is not skillful to take what is not given. If I ignore the inclination, I may remind myself that no one is watching so give me what I want!

Another benefit of bringing awareness to greed or hatred as it arises in each one of us is that this pinpoints the moment when we still have a choice to act on these impulses or not. If we can admit that these impulses are a natural part of the human physiology, then we can see that the choice is not whether or not we have these sensations, but rather how we relate to these sensations as they occur. We have all experienced the thought, “I’m not angry!” And we all know that we are usually angry when we say this. It helps to consider the idea, “There is anger. Anger has arisen and may persist, but it will pass as all things pass, and we need not necessarily fall under its dominion.”

Questions and answers:

Q: Why aren’t we interested in good news?
A: It’s not entertaining.

Q: How can we create positive news that sparks interest in the reader?
A: Focus on the exact moment greed or hatred is acknowledged and let go of.

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